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How to set-up your

Sound Shocker.

The first time you use Sound Shocker you should follow

“Directions? I don’t need no stinking directions!” please use Quick Start:

Quick Start.

Since most portable players seem to work best at about ¾ volume (75%), set the volume on your player to about 75% and simply plug-and-play. This will typically be a good setting, however you may want to fine tune the volume by adjusting the volume on both your player and stereo.


1. Adjust the volume of your stereo to whatever you consider your “normal” listening level using a CD or FM radio.

2. Connect Sound Shocker to your portable player.

3. Reduce the volume of your player to minimum.

4. Connect Sound Shocker to your stereo and select the AUX input.

5. Start playing music on your player and increase the volume of the player until you’ve reached your “normal” listening level.