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Which Sound Shocker is right for me?

“What is Sound Shocker?”

Sound Shocker is a passive audio preamplifier that boosts any headphone output by about +20dB and provides a proper line level output impedance. This means that the headphone output of your player, phone, laptop, etc. will sound about 4 times louder for the same volume setting when connected to the AUX input of your stereo. All this with NO Batteries, NO Switches, just Plug-and-Play. Impedance matching transformers are used to match the low impedance of the headphone output to the much higher input impedance of the AUX input of your stereo. 

The main difference between the two is in the bass.  If you have a premium sound system, a subwoofer, or simply like to crank up the bass then Sound Shocker Pro ™  is the right choice for you.

Sound Shocker ™

The original. Headphone audio preamp for use with most car and home audio systems. This model provides +18dB of gain, a useable bandwidth of 40Hz to >20KH, with standard 3.5mm stereo jacks for input and output. Standard stereo 3.5mm M-M cables are typically used however, other cables with 2.5mm plugs or RCA plugs are readily available for your specific needs.

Sound Shocker Pro ™

Big brother provides all the music…. Headphone audio preamp for use with premium home and car audio sound systems. This model offers +20dB of gain. With a bandwidth of 20Hz to 20KHz at just -0.5dB, it brings out the musical depth and detail that has been obscured by poor gain matching.

Sound Shocker Bundle Pack

Get a discount when you buy both Sound Shocker ™ and Sound Shocker Pro ™.